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Book Biogym & Yoga by Orlando Cani.

Biogymnastics & Yoga book

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  • Biogym & Yoga - Orlando Cani Method - Rio de Janeiro

    1. Biogymnastics - the gymnastics of life

    The human body - miracle of creation

    How Biogymnastics was born

    Philosophical principles of Biogymnastics

    The Fundamentals and Objectives of the Method

    Elements that gave rise to the Orlando Cani Method

    stretching and flexibility

    Guidelines for the practice of Biogymnastics

    Biogymnastics and the movement of animals


    The contribution of Biogymnastics to Physical Education


    Movement: philosophy of movement

    Sport in old age


    Philosophizing in the universe of Yoga

    Yoga - root and origin

    An Overview of Yoga

    Yoga, a peace movement

    Self-knowledge from Indian wisdom

    breathing and relaxation

    Practice of relaxation techniques

    philosophy of relaxation

    Knowing how to relax - an art

    Relaxation of body, mind, heart through breathing and postures

    dynamic relaxation

    The postures - Asanas

    how to practice

    Yoga attitude towards the body

    meditation and awareness


    woman and yoga

    An integral aspect of being

    yoga and maturity

    Reports and Testimonials

    Biographical references

    2. Hatha Yoga

    3. Yoga - Health Aspects

    4. Physical exercises

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