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Master in Yoga,
Creator of Biogym
Creator of the Orlando Cani Method

Orlando Cani, Teacher, Master in Yoga

and physical trainer of great Brazilian athletes,

is the creator of the Orlando Cani Method, practice that integrates a daily routine of conscious breathing movements, meditation, stretching, flexibility, posture, relaxation, strength, resistance and, above all, neuromuscular coordination.​

   The Method aims to help the individual to know his own body and use breathing to calm the mind  creating more body awareness.

   Biogymnastics is a set of body techniques that through conscious movements improve the physical and mental qualities of the human being, stimulating mental and psychic structures such as concentration, attention, emotions, sensations and perceptions.  .

   Sessions can be individual or in groups with spontaneous and creative classes, featuring the gymnastics of life. 

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